Keinavo Cloud Services, your one-stop shop

We house your SAS deployment (from SAS Visual Analytics, SAS Enterprise BI platform and any other SAS solution like SAS EGRC, SAS Fraud Framework, SAS Financial Management, SAS Forecast Server and more) and, depending on the service level of your choice, we maintain SAS Metadata such as users, groups and logical servers. The servers can be accessed via private key, password-less ssh sessions; the end-users access web applications secured with 2048 bit encryption SSL communications. SAS client applications such as for example SAS Management Console, SAS Forecast Studio and so on communicate via encrypted communication to the server.

We don't just provide SAS hosting any application can be deployed to our cloud, which allows for a truly integrated cloud environment.

Download the brochure with detailed information (English Version)

Scarica la brochure con informazioni dettagliate (Versione Italiana)

Working side by side with you, our customers, we tailor the hardware, software and service level to exactly match the requirements of your company in order to provide a truly bespoke, all-encompassing system. We understand that your needs might change over time, so we can easily and very quickly and transparently scale your system up or down both in terms of software (i.e. configure new logical instances) and hardware (i.e. memory, disk space and processing power, CPUs).

The minimum length of contract is two months, ideal for quick proof of concept systems; we offer substantial discounts for longer commitments of one year or more, making Keinavo Cloud ideal for production systems. If a proof of concept is successful, the system can be seamlessly scaled up to satisfy the requirements of a production environment.

Your system can scale up to meet higher resource requirements during peak times and scale down to save money, all very quickly and on-demand. We provide periodic reports on utilization of the resources to review usage and make better forecasts and planning for the future. We can provide any kind of configuration, from single server to complex multi-machine environments; we help you meet and exceed your expectations.

SAS Environment Manager 2.4 was introduced with the latest version of SAS 9.4, our SAS platform cloud offer now includes setup and management of SAS Environment Manager. Learn more in the presentation "Administrative Reporting of SAS Visual Analytics 7.1 and Integration with Environment Manager 2.4 Service Architecture Framework" presented by Keinavo at SAS Forum Milan 2015.

Presentation Abstract: Visual Analytics 7.1 release introduces a new feature for audit and monitoring in near real-time dedicated to administrators using predefined reports; the new 2.4 release of SAS Environment Manager contains many new features including the ability to create a datamart that can be integrated with Visual Analytics to provide detailed information about the environment. Keinavo will explain how the deployment, integrated in its Cloud offering, of a "BI on BI" system with these features helps maintain efficient systems with an uptime of 99.9%.