Keinavo BI Tools, endless possibilities

BI Tools Desktop

Keinavo BI Tools Desktop is an application built using objects provided by BI Tools Framework for Business Intelligence and Analytics reporting and dashboards. Reports are built easily using a drag and drop interface and give users a "fat client" experience delivered through their web browsers.

Authentication and Authorization as well as vertical and horizontal data access security is handled by the SAS 9 Platform, leveraging the existing configuration. Keinavo BI Tools Desktop can be used out of the box or customized to meet customer requirements.

BI Tools for Private Banking

Keinavo BI Tools for Private Banking is our solution for the private banking business. It provides the following features:

  • Multi-category portfolio reporting and dashboards
  • Portfolio reallocation and simulations
  • Agenda integration
  • Contacts and appointment management
  • Appointment feedback management and reporting
  • Prospects management

BI Tools Custom Applications

Custom Applications can be built from scratch or as extensions of Keinavo BI Tools Desktop or Keinavo BI Tools from Private Banking. We are available to discuss any requirements to find the right solution for your needs.

Keinavo BI Tools - High Level Architecture