Continuing in our endeavour to offer our customers a better and more complete service, Keinavo is proud to announce the new partnership with Bonitasoft, the leading provider of Business Process Management solutions.

Bonitasoft is a software company created by the founders of the Bonita open source project; through its Bonitasoft BPM software it powerfully, easily, and affordably democratizes BPM Process-driven applications from whiteboard to reality for technical and business audiences, providing a solution that is quick and easy to implement at minimal cost. The software has been downloaded over 2,750,000 times worldwide by organizations of all sizes for projects ranging from the simple to the most complex. BonitaSoft targets customers from medium to large, and addresses the needs of small standalone development projects all the way up to company-wide information system reengineering.

Bonita BPM combines three solutions in one: an innovative Studio for process modelling, a powerful BPM and workflow engine, and a breakthrough user interface. Applications deployed with Bonita BPM  span the whole range of BPM implementation, from Information Systems migration to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), to automation of processes for e-administration, to Enterprise Resource Planning sales and procurement linkage with human approval steps, to basic contracts and new customer management, and more.

Keinavo is a Virtuoso Bonitasoft partner. Our focus is on standalone implementations of the Bonita software as well as integration with the existing software base of our customers. We have already successfully implemented applications that integrate the Bonita BPM software suite with the SAS Platform for a new groundbreaking Fraud detection and analysis system with advanced functionalities not available anywhere else.

Keinavo and Bonitasoft, perfect integration

Keinavo and Bonitasoft held a webinar titled "Fraud Monitoring in the Banking Sector". You can watch the video recording here, in Italian.

Fraud is a very important subject in the banking sector. Fraud identification and risk management activities are at the foundation of every bank and financial institution. The tools used to manage fraud have become an essential component in the modern IT systems architecture.

A proper management of fraud and potential fraud has a big impact on

  • Profitability
  • Customer relationships
  • Insurance premiums

In this webinar Keinavo describes the impact of fraud on Private Banking e shows how to manage the fraud detection lifecycle with Bonita BPM. A custom scoring system is also shown.