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Keinavo Classification and Scoring Engine

Keinavo Classification and Scoring Engine is a new software that allows for the externalization of classification and scoring rules from SAS Base and SAS Data Integration. Classification, scoring and business rules are created as simple tables in an Excel spreadsheet and interpreted by the process, this means that business users can easily change the rules that are interpreted automatically by the software without changing the process code.

Keinavo BI Tools

Keinavo BI Tools is a set of software components organized in a layered structure. Perfectly integrated with SAS 9 Platform, it can be customized down to last detail to satisfy the requirements of our clients. The software plugs into existing SAS 9 platform configurations at zero cost allowing for seamless integration and full exploitation of the services provided, such as Authentication, Authorization, Server configurations, Local and Remote services and all the other functionalities configured on the server. Features like internationalization (i18n) and accessibility (a11y with Freedom Scientific JAWS and Nuance Dragon) are built in.